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About Me:

Do you fantasize about what your perfect woman could be? Is she a woman who not only lets you relinquish control, but seductively seizes it from you, leaving you groveling on your knees for instructions on how to please your new Goddess?

A woman who has full mastery of not only her perfectly curvaceous feminine body, but also of any toys that we may choose to strap on in order to bring you to your knees? A woman who deviously uses little hints of fantasy to whirl you into a roleplay scenario that completely steals you away from your every day mundane and makes you wonder if you're awake or dreaming?

I am a strong Mistress with the savoir faire to make even the most bull-headed of men bow, and enjoy every second of the experience. I adore pretty sissies and burgeoning cock lovers because I, too, love dressing up and playing with thick, hard dicks, and I would love to be the instigation behind your first-time fantasy of being on your knees, learning to take a big black cock as well as I can.

I have no doubt that you will crave to placate my deviant desires, but my imagination is an arsenal of clever punishments for silly boys who find themselves resisting, so you may as well just give in.

So, then...close your eyes, and let your mind wander. Once you've gotten yourself worked into a frenzy with a picture of your ideal lady in mind and you feel you're about to burst without her delicate, but firm hand guiding your way, open up completely and give yourself to me. I'm waiting.

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